Serenade 2015

A true luxury home away from home, nothing is left to chance on the stylish new 2015 Serenade.



Aspirational, indulgent and built to the absolute highest standards, the stylish Serenade is completely new for 2015 and sits firmly at the top of our holiday home range.

Ideal for families who won’t compromise on quality, luxury living or style, the Serenade offers beautiful and unique design, alongside unrivalled features and specification, for the ultimate in home from home comfort.

Plans, features and options can be found below. For pricing and availability please ask your dealer, park please ask your dealer or park.

Serenade layouts

Extra 'Fold-Out' Bed Extra 'Fold-Out' Bed  Fridge Freezer Position Fridge Freezer Position Boiler / Water Heater Boiler / Water Heater Boiler / Water Heater Under-bed Storage

Model Overall Length including tow bar Overall roof inc. gutters Body length inc. Bay Body length at floor level Overall width inc. gutters Overall body width Overall height inc. flues Height to ridge Weight (Kg)
35' x 12' 2 bedroom 11.79 11.07 N/A 10.69 4.02 3.68 3.47 3.47 4670*
39' x 12' 2 bedroom 12.86 12.14 N/A 11.76 4.02 3.68 3.47 3.47 5150*
39' x 12' 3 bedroom 12.86 12.14 N/A 11.76 4.02 3.68 3.47 3.47 **

Exterior Finishes

Blend in or stand out

All Carnaby Holiday homes have additional options of colour and finish to suit you or your surroundings. Where allowed your holiday home can be clad in Aluminium, Embossed Plastic, CanExel or Timber.

Standard Finish Standard Aluminium Cladding
Optional Finish Environmental Aluminium Cladding
Optional Finish Sand Embossed Plastic Cladding
Optional Finish Environmental Green Embossed Plastic Cladding
Optional Finish Grey Embossed Plastic Cladding
Optional Finish Cream Embossed Plastic Cladding
Optional Finish Almond CanExel Cladding
Optional Finish Sierra CanExel Cladding
Optional Finish Acadia CanExel Cladding
Optional Finish European Redwood Timber Cladding

Carnaby 2015 brochure


Specifications, features and options

View our specifications, features and options table for the Carnaby range.

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