Table settings, ornaments, toys, electrical appliances, duvet covers and pillowcases as displayed are intended for photographic purposes only and, unless otherwise specified in writing, do not form any part of any contract, nor do they constitute any representation whatsoever by us or on behalf of Carnaby Caravans Ltd. All dimensions are approximate sizes. Carnaby reserves the right to change any materials, fittings etc, shown in this brochure without prior notice in accordance with our policy of continual improvement or availability of material. All Carnaby holiday homes are built to grades A & B snow-loading in accordance with EN1647. The model designate does not denote the body length or width. All Carnaby holiday homes must be connected to mains water, sewerage, electricity, and propane gas (unless otherwise specified).

Caravan holiday homes are designed to provide comfortable, high-quality accommodation for holiday and recreational use only; recreational use should be considered to include holidays of not more than six weeks of continuous use, weekend visits, and other short duration visits, they are not designed for residential occupancy. Caravan holiday homes are built to the EN 1647 specification. If you are looking to live in a caravan holiday home or stay in one for non-recreational use you should consider purchasing a residential park home which is sited on a residential park home estate. If the above advice is not followed and your caravan holiday home is used as a main residence then the manufacturer’s warranty may be compromised.

The Envoy, Stamford Lodge and Helmsley Lodge are as an optional extra available in BS3632 which has the advantage of 0% VAT on the construction element. Please refer to the Park Licence and associated planning conditions when selecting either a holiday home EN1647 or a BS3632 residential specification unit.

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